Of Eindhoven

Located in the middle of the business heart of Eindhoven and directly in the center, Bloq Offices makes an ideal location for business. Many facilities in the immediate vicinity including hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. The accessibility of Bloq Offices is optimal both by car and by public transport. Eindhoven Central Station with its direct bus and train connections is a 3-minute walk away.

Renters and visitors can park next to or under the building via (extra) subscriptions, but also per hour or day. Partly for this reason, Bloq Offices is ideally suited for office users with ample parking needs and who want to be easily accessible by public transport.

Tilburg 30 min.
’s-Hertogenbosch 26 min.
Breda 44 min.
Arnhem 54 min.
Utrecht 1 u. 1 min.
Maastricht 1 u. 3 min.
Amsterdam 1 u. 12 min.
Rotterdam 1 u. 13 min.
Public transport
Tilburg 22 min.
’s-Hertogenbosch 17 min.
Breda 38 min.
Arnhem CS 1 u. 10 min.
Utrecht CS 47 min.
Maastricht 1 u. 3 min.
Amsterdam CS 1 u. 19 min.
Rotterdam CS 1 u. 13 min.